St. Maarten is known for many things; our iconic landings, diverse culinary scene, smallest island mass to be a dual nation, but we are also known as the ideal yachting hub for any and all size marine vessels. With over 10 major marinas catering to vessels of all sizes and an overflow of marine shops and services, duty-free shopping, a wide variety of restaurants and activities near the heart of the marine industry, Simpson Bay Lagoon, and world class yachting agents and concierge services, St. Maarten has made a name for itself as the destination for marine vessel docking. 


There’s a reason St. Maarten has earned its title of being a yacht haven. The Marinas on-island have facilities to accommodate just about anyone from long-term stay mega-yachts, to cruising transfers.  St. Maarten has over 10 marinas, as well as haul-out facilities for yachts up to 120 feet in length and up to 45 feet a beam. We are home to some of the biggest names in chadleries, sail makers, and part supply stores. St. Maarten also has plenty of bays, and lagoons to offer prime spots for anchorage. For more anchorage information you can visit the website of the St. Maarten Marine and Trade Association.

Shopping and Provisioning

Our dual nation status, and mix of diverse nationalities makes provisioning in St. Maarten is as easy as can be! With a wide variety of food and drink products that is virtually unmatched in the whole of the Caribbean. Clean, modern supermarkets offer a variety of foodstuffs that would be virtually impossible to find anywhere else in the world in such close proximity. Fresh produce is imported directly from Holland, France, the USA, Britain and Italy, as well as from other Caribbean islands. Indian, Chinese and much other eastern produce is also readily available.

Yacht Agents & Concierge Services 

St. Maarten’s Yacht Agents and VIP Concierges have a vast amount of experience in providing seamless and professional service to docking yachts, and their guests and crew. No matter the request our agents and concierges are ready to assist you with Provisioning, Guest and Crew Services, Immigration & Port Services, Purchasing of Parts, and more! Find an experienced yacht agent, or hospitable concierge for your dockage in St. Maarten.