Parks & Natural Areas

With over 37 beaches, coastal and recreational parks, eco-lounges, and neighboring islets, St. Maarten offers countless adventures for nature-lovers at heart. Whether you are exploring with a tour group or on your own, many of the island's natural wonders are open to the public, giving you free access to explore Sint Maarten’s tropical ecosystem.

Hillside & Coastal Parks

Scattered throughout the island are many recreational and coastal parks perfect for hosting venues, picnics, photoshoots, hikes, and more. Emilio Wilson Park offers an escape into Sint Maarten’s hillside and is a historical landmark on Dutch Sint Maarten. At the peak of Sentry Hill is Rainforest Adventures, which offers panoramic views of the island and thrilling fun for adventure-seekers. Over the hill, you can find Seaside Nature Park which offers ocean views and family-friendly activities including horseback riding tours of the island’s wild side If you are dreaming of a place to go, to be with nature, to enjoy the fresh air, and to witness stunning views, SXM Hillside Plantation is the destination for you. Its various trails will delight avid hikers and beginners alike. Afterward, be sure to try a delicious fresh-made juice from the juice bar.Want to meet some chirping locals? Parrotte Ville is a walk-in bird sanctuary on the island and home to many exotic birds including sun conures, ring-neck parakeets, black-headed caiques and so many more. The park also has a Heritage museum where visitors can see various antique items and a medicinal garden.

Natural Reserves & Beaches

Explore the various coastal landscapes accessed through our 37 beaches. Each beach offers different views of the Caribbean, snorkeling access to nearby coral reefs, and incredible sunsets. Surrounding the island are isolated natural reserves only accessible by boat. Pinel and Tintamarre are two such islands that are a part of the French Natural Reserve. Pinel offers great dining options, kayaking, and paddleboarding with views of St. Maarten, while Tintamarre offers undisturbed natural landscapes great for divers, adventure-seekers, and explorers. For snorkeling opportunities, visitors can explore the reefs of Creole Rock or Green Cay. Administered by the French side of the island, Creole Rock and Green Cay are part of the national nature reserve of Saint-Martin, as a protected area, it is forbidden to fish in these areas, allowing the fauna and flora to develop freely. Creole Rock is also a snorkeling favorite because of its shallow water, making for a perfect diving spot for both beginning and advanced divers.

Natural Wonders

Experience the natural beauty of the island and explore its nature-made wonders. Unique geological features created from years of evolution make St. Maarten a spectacle to behold. A hike to the natural pool is a must for nature lovers and adventure seekers. On one side, visitors can catch a glimpse of St. Barth across the rough ocean. On the other side you get beautiful hills covered with tall grass and the most stunning of rocky views. David’s Hole is an 80-foot-diameter sinkhole between Baie Rouge and Pointe du Bluffe. Its highest peak is around 33 feet and can be accessed from the rectangular stone at the lowest point. Visitors can also swim around to the two holes to access it from the inside.

In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, St. Maarten’s tropical ecosystem and its colonial history come together to make the ultimate outdoor adventure.