What to Pack

You're just a packed suitcase and a flight away from a vacation in sunny and vibrant St. Maarten. St. Maarten is a diverse destination with plenty of activities, restaurants and occasions to pack for, so we have some packing tips for you so you’re prepped, and ready for an unforgettable trip to the Friendly Island. 

What should I Pack for St. Maarten?

  • Passport, and if applicable any visa documents. You can find more information on visas through our Immigratuon and Visa Guide[link to page]. 
  • Skin and Beauty Products, don’t forget your sunscreen! 
  • Prescription Medications 
  • Books, devices or other pass-times. Although we highly recommend disconnecting, and connecting with the beauty of the island and our friendly residents who have plenty of stories to share. 
  • Voltage Adapters, appliances on the Dutch Side are 110 - 120 volts, while appliances on the French Side work on 220 volts.
  • Credit Cards and Spending Cash, no need to convert if you are bringing US Dollars as this is accepted island-wide.

Day Wear

The Friendly Island is very casual and relaxed when it comes to daywear, no matter the venue. Beach dresses, cargo shorts, tshirts, and anything that will keep you cool under the Caribbean Sun. During the summer months, the weather is known for being sunny and bright, so don’t forget to bring a cap, sun hat or your most fabulous pair of sunglasses. The temperature in our tropical island is on average 27 Celsius or about 81 Fahrenheit, so there’s no need to change up your daywear depending on the month you are visiting. You can find more information on the island’s weather here(link to weather page).

Active wear

With adventure being at your beck and call in St. Maarten, it’s always a good idea to pack active wear that allows you to move freely. If you are hiking or going horseback riding we recommend long pants, and comfortable joggers. Bring your hiking sneakers, as there are many beautiful hill treks, and coastal hikes to discover.


If you’re visiting St. Maarten there is no denying that you’ll be taking a dip at any of our 37 beautiful beaches. So make sure you pack enough swimwear for all the beach hopping you'll be doing, along with flip flops and a pair of goggles. If you don’t have your own snorkel gear, don’t fret, there’s plenty of snorkel gear rentals.


For those nights you’ll step out for the night to dine at one of our many elegant restaurants and or dance the night away at our nightclubs, you’re open to choose from casual evening wear to something a bit more glam. During your stay in St. Maarten there’s plenty of occasions to dress for, whether it’s evening casual at one of our beach bars, or something more formal at our classy upscale lounges. You’re free in St. Maarten to be yourself and dress for it. 

Following this packing guide, should have you ready and set to embark on a vacation to St. Maarten. The only thing next to do is to make memories that are sure to last a lifetime. See you in St. Maarten!


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