Catch your own “Fish of the Day” between the channels and deep seas of the sister islands. Expert fishers will be glad to know that St. Maarten is great for fishing year round. Depending on the season you can expect to catch different varieties of fish. 

In October, the Wahoo is known to be more common around the island. Spring to summer are the main months to catch Mahi-Mahi  also known as Dolphin fish. Marlin and sailfish can be caught all year but the summer months tend to be the best for this catch. You’ll be able to jump aboard the many boat chargers to join in on the deep sea fishing journey, and be rewarded with your own catch of the day. 

You can find St. Maarten friendliest residents right under our serene Caribbean waters. All you need is snorkel or scuba gear and to give a friendly island “Hello”. Get a glimpse into the magical underwater world…