Museums & History 

St. Maarten is an island filled with rich history, unique stories, and captivating talents that can all be explored through the various museums on the island. You’ll be sure to uncover fascinating tales when visiting these museums. Go on a journey to the past by visiting the St. Maarten National Heritage Museum, a small and charming archive dedicated to showcasing the island’s prehistoric beginnings, to its colonial past. 

The Emilio Wilson Museum in Rain Forest Adventure Park pays tribute to a significant plantation in St. Maarten’s history, Sentry Plantation, and later known as Golden Rock Industry. The Museum tells the powerful story of Trace Wilson who was born into slavery and her direct descendant Emilio Wilson, who later inherited the estate. 

Both Art & History buffs can experience the movie magic of the Yoga Guy Movie Exhibit, founded by Nick Maley, the artist and creator of Yoda from the Star Wars Franchise. You’ll uncover the techniques that brought to life Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, MIB, the Terminator, Alien, Highlander, Superman, Lifeforce & many more movie favorites. St. Maarten takes pride in retelling its stories from its humble beginnings to the multicultural island it has become today.

With tropical weather all year round, every day is a good day to visit beautiful St.Maarten. Join us for our cultural events, and music festivals unique to St. Maarten