In St Maarten, we believe in the old saying, “work hard, play hard.” In fact, St. Maarten is known for its exciting nightlife where the guava berry liqueur flows, and the casinos invite you in for a night of luck. Once the sun goes down and the music spills out onto the streets, the lights turn on and the island comes alive. 

Party to the Rhythm of the Island

You can find a variety of dining and entertainment venues throughout Simpson Bay, the island’s hot spot for nighttime entertainment. Simpson Bay is perfect if you are looking to go bar hopping with your friends or if you want to dance the night away; with so many bars, lounges, and clubs to choose from, it is impossible to not have a good time. From casual beach bars with vibrant live music where visitors can have a drink under the moonlight, to upscale lounges where you'll have the tastiest of cocktails from award-winning bartenders, drinks are meant to be enjoyed in St. Maarten. Our live music scene is as diverse as our people. If you’re looking to dance it out, you can find salsa, dancehall, or EDM at any of our clubs and beach bars. Need to unwind? Grab a drink and take in the sultry notes only smooth jazz can offer. Downtown Phillipsburg offers the charming socializing opportunity of hanging out by local bars, and lounges for visitors looking to step out for a relaxing night.

Out on the Town

St. Maarten is home to a variety of outdoor bars and clubs, guaranteeing visitors the best views and that fresh ocean breeze. Another great way to see all the island has to offer is by joining a pub crawl. Typically held every two weeks on Friday and Saturday nights, these pub crawls allow you to experience the variety our nightlife offers and an opportunity to meet some of our favorite bartenders. From the Philipsburg Mural Tour to the Simpson Bay Pub Crawl, there is something for everyone at these crawls.

Make a Bet

If you are feeling lucky, Sint Maarten has your back. Whatever your gambling pleasure, the Dutch side of the island is home to thirteen casinos where you can try your hand at blackjack, roulette, or slot machines. Not a gambler? Not a problem! Catch a live show or two!