International Cuisine

St. Maarten’s beauty is not only defined by its picturesque sights of sun, sea, and sand, but also by the many beautiful and diverse people that have made the island their home. European, American, Middle Eastern, and Asian influences have shaped the culinary landscape of the island over the years making foods like croissants, sushi, and shawarmas part of our regular diets. The best part is we enjoy the different cuisines together, making restaurant crowds a great mixture of locals, residents, and tourists. This multicultural setting, reflected on the plate and in the people around you, is part of what makes St. Maarten so colorful. When we can come together in our love for the flavors of life, there’s nothing that can divide us.

Casual Eats

From Philipsburg to Simpson Bay, the options are endless. If you’re looking for a casual bite, a variety of international restaurants provide the ideal opportunity to taste international dishes with a Caribbean backdrop. Specialty foods you can find include Thai lok lak, Mexican cheese flautas, and Chinese dim sum (Chinese food actually has a long presence in St. Maarten, dating back decades to the late 1960s when the first Chinese restaurant opened in Philipsburg). With all these options, picking a location can be a hard decision. Thankfully, there are three meals within a day to help you fit more choices in during your stay here.

Fine Dining

If you’re looking to have a special evening and enjoy one of our many fine dining locations, cuisines range from Italian to French to modern Indian fusion. In settings that always reflect the cool island rhythm, you can enjoy intricately designed restaurant interiors or views of the Simpson Bay Lagoon by night. If there is a dish the French are known for, you’ll find it in St. Maarten. On the other side of things, you’re on vacation and it’s fun to be a bit adventurous. Have you ever had Indian-spiced mac n’ cheese? St. Maarten is sure to be your gateway to many cuisine fusions you never knew you needed. And while our restaurants’ many menus are always delectable as is, make sure to ask your waiter for the specials of the evening. They may include the fresh local catch of the day or something more enticing flown in from the Mediterranean. If you’re lucky, the list may include a special cocktail of the day that will definitely help soothe away any worries from back home that may have followed you on vacation. With only 16 square miles of land, you’ll see that our restaurants pack a punch when it comes to pleasing your taste buds, and from one night to the other, you can experience the world. 



St. Maarten's Global Cuisine