Health and Wellness

Slow down and reconnect your mind and soul. Feel the fast paced world melt away as you take in the serene beauty of the sun dipping behind the emerald hills by Cay Bay Beach, or listen to the sweet sounds of the rolling Caribbean waves while being mesmerized by the limestone Caves of Cupecoy Beach. In St. Maarten, you’ll experience a true escape to paradise with endless opportunities to relax, realign, and rejuvenate.

Pamper Yourself 

Finding a moment to relieve any emotional baggage you have brought along, will be as smooth and easy as our rolling waves and steel pan rhythms. Feel your everyday burdens literally lift off your shoulders with world class spa treatments and massages in spas built to pamper you, or have your tensions melt away with seaside treatments, where the ocean sounds will transport you both physically and mentally. Pampering yourself doesn’t stop at the spa, take a visit to any of our salons for a look that should match your new calming vibes.

Slow Down Island Style

Wake up to a Caribbean sunrise, and take on the challenge of being in the moment at the many yoga classes offered around the island with backdrops that are truly awe-inspiring. Feel centered as you reconnect with nature, and take the unbeaten path, whether it be coastal treks or along the hill ridges lined with lush flora. 

It is strongly believed by locals  that what we put into our bodies affect our wellbeing and health. The rejuvenating power of local spices and flora is a time old tradition held by many of the residents for its medical properties and its re-energizing abilities. Residents are sure to offer you a cup of ‘bush tea’, an umbrella term used for locally grown brewing herbs, such as lemongrass, soursop leaves, and mint, to start your morning on a good note. The Friendly Island is your paradise getaway to an unforgettable experience that is surely to slow down the mind and body.


Imagine the feeling of being at complete peace as you do your yoga flows in harmony with the flow of the Caribbean ocean.

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Gyms & Fitness Centers

St. Maarten is always ready to match your pace, offering plenty of opportunities to get you moving and sweating in our state-of-the-art gym and fitness centers

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