Our Island

Year-round sunny days, breathtaking views, and scrumptious food options that will put an end to any and all of your cravings—nothing compares to a St. Maarten adventure. Fortunately for the adventurous traveler, the island is easily accessible whether it’s via pleasure craft, commercial airlines, private plane, chartered flight, or cruise line.

S Maarten is guarded by a chain of lush green hills with peaks that display breathtaking views of the valleys, sea and neighbouring islands. Its mountainous landscape is connected by a simple road network that makes driving a fun experience. The island is surrounded by both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which cushions the land with an attractive shoreline. St. Maarten is located in the Eastern Caribbean and serves as an ideal hub for visiting nearby islands as its geographic location makes traveling to the east, south and west effortless. The climate is tropical year-round with charming cool nights. The picturesque surroundings make St. Maarten a serene island paradise.

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Relaxing Beaches

A breathtaking experience begins before you even land with miraculous bird’s-eye views of the island, as you dip into the bay of Maho Beach. The crystal clear sea, crashing on the shore will be the only thought lingering on your mind. To stand between the warm, sprinkling sand as it harbors the soothing water is a dream soon to be a reality. Lucky for you, for each square mile of island we have one beach, meaning 37 turquoise beaches await. 

No matter your location, you’re only 15 minutes away from the best beaches in St. Maarten. The warm white sand will give you the kind of therapy you didn’t know you needed. The inviting crystalline water makes dips at sunrise a refreshing wake-up call or a calming bedtime ritual. The fine white sand and relatively calm waters are also treasured locally for their healing properties. 

While some beaches will give you the total silence and peace you need to relax, others offer lively vibes with delicious options for food and drinks. There’s something for everyone on St. Maarten’s enchanting shores, be it the long bays with sensational salty mist or the small secluded shores. 

Unique History

St. Maarten is a culturally diverse nation, famously known for being shared by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and France. The union is upheld by the Treaty of Concordia signed in 1648. The Dutch side is 16 square miles and the French 21 square miles but interestingly, English is the mother-tongue of the entire island. St. Maarten’s two-state offering is beyond any two-for-one special you can think of. The Friendly Island, as it’s affectionately referred to, was a rural destination before its urbanization. Scenes of the past are seen in the multiple historical sights, buildings, and rich traditions of people today. 

Vibrant Capital

A walk through Phillipsburg is filled with the creative and industrial spirit of the island, providing gram-worthy views of St. Maarten’s mountainous landscape and the award-winning port of St. Maarten. It’s a shopper’s and foodie haven with a beach promenade and refreshing location of the sunrise that set’s beyond the ocean daily. Shopping is also duty-free and there’s something for every palette. Philipsburg conveniently connects you to any part of the island once you’re filled with the burst of business life or the light leisure activities.