Beachfront Restaurants

There's nothing like being served some of the best dishes St. Maarten has to offer while getting to admire St. Maarten's crystal-clear waters. The sound of the island’s hustle and bustle is faded far away in the background and replaced by the serene sounds of wind passing through coconut trees. And all that stands between you and the sea is a hop and a skip. If that visual entices you in any way, we have a few beachfront restaurants that will make all your daydreams a reality. Our coastline offers a variety of choices spanning from fine dining to casual bites including both local and international cuisines.

By the Sea

If you’re looking for a place to sit by the seaside, it’s always a great idea to head over to Philipsburg where we have our largest concentration of beachfront restaurants along the Boardwalk. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are a variety of cuisines to choose from with a front-row seat to Great Bay’s calm waters. Freshly baked baguettes, barbeque chicken wings, fried calamari, all the enchanting smells that draw you in while you stroll down the Boardwalk. If gelato had a smell, that would be added to the list too!
While the bay’s waters may be calm, you will find yourself entertained by the constant boat traffic. From the cruise ships parked at the Port of St. Maarten to a ferry returning from St. Barts, maybe even a sailboat being captained by a crew in training, there is plenty to witness while you enjoy a drink (we highly recommend a local guavaberry colada). Looking to enjoy a post-lunch siesta without going too far? A few of the restaurants also offer beach chairs for some convenient rest and relaxation.

If you decide to head over the hill from Philipsburg to Simpson Bay and Maho, you will find beachfront restaurants in more intimate settings. From small coves measuring less than 100 feet to being seated at the end of the airport’s runway, the coastlines offer a lively atmosphere beyond the sweet sound of the ocean and may include a thrilling landing of an Airbus A330 or two. At nighttime, many of these spots also offer live entertainment giving color to St. Maarten’s vibrant nightlife scene.

Unique Tastes 

Beachfront restaurants on this side of the hill of Simpson Bay cater more towards international foods. (Although no matter where you are, a good local barbeque spot is never hard to find). Sushi with a Caribbean twist and Dutch bitterballen with a side of mustard all find themselves home on these white sand beaches. And while you may find yourself hungry for them at all times of the day, the best time to be in one of these beachfront spots is during happy hour where you will for sure bump into a local or two enjoying the sights with you.

St. Maarten is home to plenty of outdoor bars and clubs, guaranteeing visitors a good time out in the fresh bay air. When choosing a spot on a beach, lagoon or a spot amongst locals, it all comes down to what vibe you prefer.