Boutique Hotels

Lodging in St. Maarten comes with various options but if you’re looking for a friendly, safe, and quality location consider one of St. Maarten’s boutique hotels. Their elegant design and harmonious environment exude a refreshing charm that provide serenity and a less crowded and bustling facility. 

The boutique hotels on the Dutch side host an offering of several sanctuaries with amenities that will rejuvenate your body and soul. You can choose those with seaside or hillside locations and even pre-book spa treatments or excursions. The rooms are spacious with variations of quaint, intimate, or unique decor. The service-focused approach of St. Maarten’s boutique stock is unequaled and fulfills absolute coziness in every suite. Whether it’s trendy, hip or stylish, the rooms are as memorable as the experiences you’ll enjoy around the island.

Arts & Entertainment

From vibrant music festivals to mural art displays, here at St. Maarten, there's never a dull moment with plenty of culture, art, and music to experience…

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On The Beach

What does an ideal vacation look like to you? Is it being pampered with room service, being served top-shelf drinks while lounging on a St. Maarten beach, or…

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Near Airport

If you’re looking for accommodations near the airport there are plenty of hotel options ranging from resorts to smaller boutiques available and ready to…

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