Imagine the feeling of being at complete peace as you do your yoga flows in harmony with the flow of the Caribbean ocean. When you want to trade your yoga studio for the sands of paradise, look no further than the shores of the Friendly Island, St. Maarten. Here, your breaths are in sync, your stretches are deeper, and pure tranquility is as common as our palm trees. 

Staying in the moment is never hard when breathing in the comforting warmth of the island breeze. St. Maarten is sure to be your go-to yoga experience, guided by highly skilled local and international yoga instructors. In St. Maarten you’ll find a flow and a class no matter your preference; Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and even Meditative practices can all be found during your wellness trip. Pick your location of complete zen, for ultimate convenience and early morning practices. Resorts and hotels offer yoga classes to guests providing the ultimate backdrop to your flow. St. Maarten also has a wide range of yoga studios each with their own unique charm, and welcoming community. For those wanting to get closer to the ocean, yoga classes are offered right on the shores of Simpson Bay Beach.

Parks & Natural Areas

With over 37 beaches, coastal and recreational parks, eco-lounges, and neighboring islets, St. Maarten offers countless adventures for nature-lovers at heart…

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Claim your very own piece of paradise! Our thirty-seven beaches stretch far and wide, ensuring you’re able to enjoy the year-round warm waters, the ocean…

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Vegan / Vegetarian

St. Maarten, the culinary capital of the Caribbean, welcomes any and everybody, no matter your background and eating preferences. These vegan and vegetarian…

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