Getting To St Maarten By Cruise

Much like the endless opportunities there on St. Maarten with activities, cuisine, and day tripping, there are so many ways you can make a trip to St. Maarten. St. Maarten is home to one of the most well known Cruise Ports in the region, being the go-to port of call on the itinerary of many international cruise liners. From massive ships outfitted with pools, golf courses and malls, to boutique cruise lines offering 5 star service on-board all pay a visit to the Friendly Island of St. Maarten for a chance to explore the island for a day. 

Port St. Maarten

One single pier (545 m) accommodating 4 ships simultaneously was one pier too few. Opened in 2009, the Harbour Group of Companies upgraded the port by building a second pier. St. Maarten is now one of the few ports able to accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships – the Genesis-class vessels.

Weighing over 220,000 gross tons each, and having a capacity of more than 6,000 passengers and crew, two such vessels can be accommodated on Pier 2 (445 m). Additionally, Pier 2 has two booths for passenger screening which expedites disembarkation. Tons of experience. Tons of efficiency. Tons of opportunity. Immediately upon coming ashore, passengers are welcomed to the Harbour Point Village to the sound of steel pans. That tropical feeling on the “Friendly Island” begins! Built in Philipsburg’s charming old architectural style, the Village contains duty-free outlets, souvenir shops and market stalls as well as bars and a restaurant. Most of the tour and excursion pick up and drop off points, bus tour stands, and cab stands, are found at the Harbour Point Village. Friendly harbour staff are on hand to assist visitors and an information center is located in the main building. We are known, after all, as the “Friendly Island”. Find out which cruises are visiting St. Maarten by clicking here.

Transportation at Port St. Maarten

Diverse transportation options into Philipsburg or elsewhere from the piers is available upon command. Those wishing to stretch their legs and go on foot need a mere 15 minutes to reach the island’s capital city. Cabs, water taxis and tour buses stand ready for those ready to get to their destination quicker! The Captain Hodge Wharf, Walter Williams Jetty, and Bobby’s Marina are three convenient water taxi stops on the Philipsburg waterfront and $6 one-day tickets for unlimited rides can be purchased from one of two private companies. Additionally 100 cabs await cruise arrivals at the terminal for fares to Philipsburg or elsewhere.