Bienvenue à Marigot! 

If you noticed a total language switch you’ve probably made it to the French Side of the island. As the island is divided by two countries, Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, you’ll be able to experience twice the culture, twice the cuisine, and twice the capitals. Marigot is the capital of the French Side. 

Marigot gets its name because of its environmental characteristics.Originally, a fishing village on a swamp, literally translates to Swamp in French. Due to its rapid economic growth, Marigot officially became the capital of the French, making it the administrative center. In 1970, part of the lagoon was filled as a means to extend the village, it was filled in a second time in 1990, allowing for a road to be built along the lagoon front. Today, Marigot is a charming capital that embodies French influence on Caribbean lifestyle, lined with gingerbread houses and sidewalk bistros.

Walk Along History

Marigot is known for its iconic Architecture and monuments. Stroll down Rue de la République, a street famous for its houses and architecture that has been untouched since the 19th century. The architecture shows very iconic design elements of the time, such as stone walls mortared with lime, wooden second floors, street facing patios and balcony per floor, decorated with friezes, or gingerbread trims, and finely crafted railings. No better view of Marigot can be had than by the peak of Fort Louis, trek up the stairs and walk amongst the remains of the famous French Fort, while taking in the views of the whole Marigot capital and Marina. Take in the culture of Marigot by visiting the Marigot Market open Wednesday to Saturdays from 8:30 to 1pm.  

The Flavors of Marigot

The capital of the French Side has much to offer in both European cuisine and Local Delicacies. From lagoon front open air grills offering fresh red Snapper creoloe style and freshly grilled lobster, to quaint French Cafes with buttery croissants and your favorite French pastries, you’ll surely be taken on a foodie adventure. Experience the true local cuisine scene by paying a visit to the “Spice Lady” known for her array of not only local spices but spices of the world, or picking up your own bottle of Guavaberry Liqueur at Guavaberry Columbier Tradition. There is so much culture, flavors and aromas to experience in the heart of the French Side.