Arts & Entertainment

From vibrant music festivals to mural art displays, here at St. Maarten, there's never a dull moment with plenty of culture, art, and music to experience firsthand.

Revel in Art

Off the dancefloor and into your car, drive around the island to explore our local mural art displays mainly found in Philipsburg. You can learn about the island and our people while snapping photos of the magnificent art scenes: from the history of the Great Salt Pond to geometric stylings. Visitors can also get hands-on opportunities while here. Take pottery classes, sip & paint workshops, and monthly art markets at Ruby Bute, Roland Richardson, or art schools like Local Art Gift Shop. If you’re in the market for a few pieces to take home, Art in the Park at Emilio Wilson Park showcases local arts & crafts that will glow in your home. 

Savor the Caribbean Beat

Music and food are a way of life on the island, and our festivals reflect that. Local and international performers and visitors flock here in April for our largest cultural event, Carnival. The sweet tones of Caribbean music fill the air as locals and visitors alike dance their nights away for two weeks until the burning of King Momo (the King of Carnival) brings an end to the festivities. Best (or tastiest) of all? The 50+ food vendors that open for Carnival season to sell local classic dishes like Crab Back, Oyster Soup, and Johnny Cakes, as well as new creative dishes like macaroni in a cone!

You might also spot a Fish Fry at the Simpson Bay Food Court on Saturdays, daily at Spaceless Community Garden, and at major events, like Fish Day in French Cul-de-Sac in May. The Cul-de-Sac district hosts Fish Day as a tribute to the island’s fishermen. With stuffed crab, fried or grilled snapper, codfish salad, conch fritters, and more, visitors are sure to enjoy the vibes and the flavors of the Caribbean.

Dance Like a Local

While festivals are always great fun, you can catch local music performers at bars and restaurants around the island any day of the week. Be sure to bring a pair of comfortable shoes as wooden floorboards and sand don’t mix well with heels, and come prepared to have your hips sway back and forth to the catchy island jams of our drummers and bassists.  Discover the vibrancy and diversity of St. Maarten culture, through traditions, art, music, and cuisine.