Claim your very own piece of paradise! Our thirty-seven beaches stretch far and wide, ensuring you’re able to enjoy the year-round warm waters, the ocean waves, and the sandy shores when you visit St. Maarten. Keep your beach bag packed with your sunglasses, shades, and a towel throughout your stay since we have a beach for every square mile. 

Take In the Sights 

As you drive along our hills and valleys you can’t miss the glow of the crystal clear water calling you in different shades. Each beach has its unique character and natural charm. Whether you’re looking for an early energizing swim to witness the beautiful sunrise, a relaxing evening dip to snap the awe-inspiring sunset, or joining the sails at sea with a late-night plunge, there’s endless fun in our turquoise waters. Some beaches are a total getaway with absolute peaceful ambiances and miles of sand and sea. There are those with coves and adventurous journeys that provide healthy challenges and romantic scenes. 

Take On The Action

St. Maarten has hassle-free beach access and you are never more than 15 minutes away from the sea and that’s guaranteed. Besides swimming, there are many other activities to be a part of, be it underwater, on the waves, and even on the sand.  If you’re feeling up for a challenge there are popular cliffs that lead to beautiful reefs with a leap or flip of faith. You can also explore the depths of our seas with local scuba guides who make it easy for beginners. 

Many St. Maarten beaches are decorated with tall, shady coconut trees and palm trees along with other local fruit trees like the popular sea grapes. Pick a fruit or two and delight in the sweetness while you soak in the sun. You won’t want to miss the thrill of seeing planes take off and land just above your head. Directly across Princess Juliana International Airport and open to the public, Maho Beach offers stunning views that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.

But not all our beaches are on the island. Pinel and Tintamarre are completely disconnected islets, offering quiet relaxation away from the hustle and bustle. And last, but certainly not least, you won’t want to miss any of our live entertainment and parties on the beach.

Eat and Sleep by the Beach

If you are hoping to surround yourself with beaches 24/7 you'll be delighted to choose from the many accommodations that are beachfront. Our boutique hotels, high-quality resorts, charming B&Bs, or jaw-dropping villas. Enjoy the best grilled, barbequed, and local food at any of our beach bars with tailored services to make your beach bask satisfying. With all these amenities and more, your lounging or exhilarating moments on St. Maarten will last a lifetime. Consider our beaches the welcome mat where you get to sink your toes in the warm sand as you enter the sparkling water, allowing it to glisten on your skin, washing away the remaining cares and worries you left at the airport. Our pristine waters await you or your return!

Cupecoy Beach Cliffs