Our culture is deep-rooted in practices of jollification and the main element in that is food. Luckily, St. Maarten has become home to over 80 nationalities that have also brought their cuisine along with them creating a real melting pot of dishes for you to try on your stay here. A short drive from Simpson Bay to Philipsburg can take you from the smell of seafood grilling along the beachside to the aromatic fragrances of Indian food being seasoned with cumin and coriander. From local Caribbean dishes to international cuisine, our 16 square miles cater to your craving, and may even create some new ones you didn’t even know you had.

Local Cuisine

The sight of billowing smoke from a barbecue is a good sign that you’re near a local St. Maarten restaurant. The comfort of eating a grilled locally caught Red Snapper with a side of rice & peas and plantain is hard to beat. Whether you decide on getting ribs, chicken, or lobster, make sure to order a Johnnycake on the side. The island’s large Caribbean diaspora also allows you to explore the many similarities and differences amongst the region’s traditional foods. Are you in to try some Jamaican jerk chicken or Surinamese roti? We’ve got a list of our favorite spots to go! Plan to try these delicacies during the daytime as most local restaurants are closed for dinner.

International Cuisine

Be transported from the rolling hills of Sicily to the bustling streets of Tokyo from one evening to the next at one of our many international restaurants. When you’re here an Italian restaurant is never too far away. Are you in for a pizza Capricciosa or some fresh Wahoo carpaccio? Talking about fresh seafood… the island’s sushi restaurants use fresh fish to serve you a traditional Japanese dish with a Caribbean twist (think tuna rolls topped with stewed crayfish and conch). Whether your food craving is Mexican, French, American, Indian, or Lebanese, the cultures that have made St. Maarten home can give your palate a world tour on your next visit. 

Beachfront Dining

Thinking about listening to the sweet sounds of the ocean while you enjoy your meal? St. Maarten’s beachfront has a variety of options for you. Restaurants on the shore offer a relaxed dining experience where shoes are optional, but a rum punch is necessary. The Boardwalk in Philipsburg offers a long stretch of restaurants offering local delicacies to laid-back fine dining. Over the hill in Simpson Bay and Maho, beachfront restaurants may also provide you with some entertainment featuring local bands or an international DJ. And if one day you find yourself on the long 20-minute journey from Philipsburg to Simpson Bay, Cay Bay is a great beachside pitstop to enjoy a bite and some drinks.
Here in St. Maarten, whatever your craving is, we’ve got a place for you … and we haven’t even gotten started on bars yet!