Parasailing & SkyDiving 

Adventure seekers looking for an unforgettable adrenaline boost can take to the skies and parasail through the warm Caribbean air. Experience the once in a lifetime view of both St.Maarten and St. Martin from 300 feet above water. 

For extreme adventure seekers, we have a question for you! Have you ever sky-dived while making your final landing on the sandy shores of a Caribbean beach? Well now is your time to play out your James Bond Adventure! You’ll be able to make a 10,000 feet freefall and parachute down to the famous Orient Beach. Lucky there are plenty of beach bars nearby, you might want a drink after that!

St. Maarten’s 37 beaches, situated around each and every corner of the island, gives kit surfers and windsurfers access to the best beaches with the most ideal wind and water conditions.