Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

You can find St. Maarten friendliest residents right under our serene Caribbean waters. All you need is snorkel or scuba gear and to give a friendly island “Hello”. Get a glimpse into the magical underwater world of St. Maarten. Snorkel along nature protected areas such as Creole Rock, or discover marine life, along the rocky coast of Little Bay Beach. 

Ready to dive deeper? The Dive sites of St Maarten & St Martin are home to an amazing marine life diversity, for all levels, with well-preserved wrecks and reefs. With over 35 dive sites to visit between St. Maarten and neighboring islands, there is plenty to explore. Diving beginners can also take PADI courses to get their diving certification.

St. Maarten’s 37 beaches, situated around each and every corner of the island, gives kit surfers and windsurfers access to the best beaches with the most ideal wind and water conditions.