Just 9 miles away, the shores of Anguilla can be seen from the North Side of the island. Anguilla is known for its long stretches of beaches and upscale accommodation. Easy to explore, Anguilla stretches 16 miles long, from the East End to the West End, and is 3 miles at its widest point, giving the British island its name from the French word, Anguilla, meaning eel. The territory includes several small uninhabited offshore islands, the largest of which are Dog, Scrub, Sombrero islands, and the Prickly Pear Cays. Anguilla is the perfect weekend getaway or day trip to add to your itinerary when visiting St. Maarten, with plenty of options to get there. Whether it’s  by plane, ferry, or a chartered boat trip, getting to Anguilla is as easy as can be. 

How to get to Anguilla

The quickest way to strolling the sandy white beaches of Anguilla for the day is by plane. The flight journey is just under 10 minutes, and offers some pretty stunning aerial views. Day Trippers can book their flight with Anguilla Air Services with flights operating multiple times a day. Visitors also have the option to visit Anguilla by ferry. The Public Ferry departs from the French Side Capital, Marigot, and runs every day, every hour, with the first ferry departing Marigot at 8:40 am, and the last ferry departing at 6:15 pm. There are also plenty of semi-private ferry options. Transfer charters, Funtime and Calypso Charters offer a seamless worry-free transfer experience from Princess Juliana International Airport to Anguilla. 

Private Boat Charters

Visiting the shores and beaches of Anguilla can be a part of the itinerary of any private or group boat charter booked in St. Maarten along with popular Anguilla islets such as  Prickly Pear, and Dog Island. Hop aboard any charter of your choice and island hop along the Anguilla Channel.

Top Three Things to Do in Anguilla

1. Go Diving and Snorkeling at Little Bay 
​2. Take a Walking Tour through Anguilla’s capital, The Valley
3. Soak in the local cuisine and music at Sandy Ground Village

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