SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT) Hon. Roger Lawrence had a follow up meeting with the new key investor of the latest addition to the Mullet Bay Beach area, Frank Teboul, who aims to add to the overall beach experience with the new bar named Kalatua, which is currently in the development stages slated to be completed on December 31st 2021, right in the heart of the tourist season. K(C)ala meaning small beach, and Tua meaning yours is hoping to provide an enhanced impression to Mullet Bay.

“To escalate and grow our tourism product investment is needed, to stand out as a destination of choice, we need new experiences and product diversification. I welcome new investments as they demonstrate the confidence investors have in our country and our people,” stated Minister of Tourism & Economic Affairs Hon. Roger Lawrence.

“Sint Maarten does a great job of attracting repeat visitors, and I want to contribute by helping in positioning Sint Maarten as an elevated market. I would like that tourist are given an extra opportunity to want to stay here. My target area is comparable to the establishments in St. Barths and or Miami. I am a dreamer, and my dream is to create an atmosphere like the famous, Ibiza sunset at the beach,” stated Teboul.

During the minister’s initial visit, the remains of the Mullet Bay Boardwalk caught his attention. The minister recalled his childhood experiences and the significance the boardwalk represented for the community, a place of gathering and fellowship.

The boardwalk was damaged prior to Hurricane Luis which destroyed the area. The conversation with Teboul led to the idea of the restoration of the boardwalk. Teboul spoke of the importance of community engagement and social responsibility, he would love to assist with the restoration of the boardwalk, adding that it will bring a natural appeal to the area and further enhance the quality of offering at Mullet Bay.

Teboul thanked the minister for sparking the idea and has moved forward with realizing the idea to beautify the Mullet Bay boardwalk. A vision of mixing the old and new, as rendering plans have started for the development of the area and hopes that stakeholders can come together to recreate the boardwalk to be a symbol of resiliency and collaboration for Sint Maarten.

The Ministry of TEATT wants to capture people's most memorable moments of Mullet Bay boardwalk and is requesting the public to share their stories by submitting these to the email address Selected stories will be used for a fun project called “A walk down memory lane.”

Min TEATT and Teboul Mullet Bay