On the 6th of September 2017 St. Maarten was hit by Hurricane Irma. Buildings and infrastructure have been heavily damaged. The population of St. Maarten has remained positive and works hard together to rebuild the island. Regardless that it will take time to get the old St. Maarten back, the first signs of repairs are visible.

Status of the Princess Juliana International Airport

On the 10th of October, the Princess Juliana International Airport has been rebuilt for commercial flights. Some American and Caribbean airlines and the local Winair airline have already resumed flights in and out of St. Maarten. KLM will also resume two flights per week out of Amsterdam to St. Maarten starting in the middle of November.

While the Princess Juliana International Airport has suffered severe damage from hurricane Irma, a lot of work has taken place to ensure that the airport can once again accept passengers. All of the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure safe and secure arrivals and departures of passengers at the airport using two smaller, temporary terminals. The main terminal is scheduled to reopen in 2018, and will once again become the most modern airport in the region.

Cruise terminals on St. Maarten

The Dr. A.C. Wathey cruise terminal is once again open and ready to accept cruise ships. The first cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in the beginning of December.


Before any beaches on the island are made accessible, they are first inspected by the members of the Nature Foundation. This foundation makes sure that all of the beaches and surrounding waters are free of any debris and monitor the water quality. Only after strict checks by the Nature Foundation can the beaches be declared as safe for swimming. A list of beaches declared as safe can be found on the Nature Foundation Facebook Page.

Hotels and Restaurants

A large number of hotels, big and small, on St. Maarten has been closed due to damages suffered from Hurricane Irma. These hotels will remain closed for the coming months and have therefor cancelled all of their standing reservations. A few of the smaller hotels and guest houses have already opened their doors and are ready to welcome guests to their premises. On our page, Amazing Hotels & Villas, you can find what hotels and guest houses are accepting new reservations. This list is constantly being updated, so please check back often. A lot of the restaurants and bars have also worked tirelessly to reopen their doors and also stand ready to receive you. They stand eagerly waiting for a chance to remind you why St. Maarten is considered the culinary capital of the Caribbean.

The quickest way to recovery of St. Maarten is for tourists to once again visit our friendly island. With the airport once again receiving international flights, hotels and restaurants opening their doors for incoming guests, and their crystal blue water beaches to swim in, St. Maarten can once again be considered as Open. While guests must keep in mind that the aftermath of hurricane Irma can be seen across the island, the most characteristic aspects of St. Maarten: the beautiful nature and the St. Maarteners, are still very much abundant. The local population have plenty of stories to tell, can can’t wait to share them.

The St. Maarten Tourist Bureau has received lots of offers to help and continue to receive positive and supporting messages from the world over. Thanks to their support, they have helped to push us harder to continue to rebuild our beautiful island. To quote our minister of Tourism: “Contradiction is on the cradle of chances and by fighting you become more powerful. St. Maarten will rise again, better and stronger!”.

Which hotels are open on St. Maarten?

Keep monitoring this website. As quick as the hotels announce that they are opening, we will announce it here.